WNYBAC’s New Litho Stones

This week, WNYBAC added 12 beautiful lithography stones to its growing collection of historical print materials.

The process of lithography involves drawing an image with wax or another oily substance onto a litho stone (limestone). The stone is then inked and used to print onto sheets of paper. In the past, lithographic prints were used for advertising, branding goods, documents, and forms. Currently, stone lithography is used to produce art prints; this technique allows for precision detail and provides an ultra-smooth surface.

Want to know more about Lithography? Watch this video!

The stones were generously donated to WNYBAC by Judy Slabyk and Nancy Clark, daughters of Arthur Showalter, the previous owner of S.S. Gooding. SS Gooding was a commercial printing company established in Western New York in 1876 by A. Stewart Gooding, a Civil War veteran and Niagara County pioneer. The company was originally housed in the Grigg Flour Mill on Race Street in Lockport, NY. Stewart’s son, George, eventually inherited the company and handed it down to his son, Sanford. Sanford Gooding’s son-in-law, Arthur Showalter, took over the business during the 1950s and ran it for the next 40 years. In 1990, he sold it to Jerry Hace, the current president, who is the first non-family member to own the business. Gooding Co. Inc. now prints inserts and outserts for pharmaceutical and medical industries. (Taken in part from the Gooding Co. Inc. website)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders listed below, for providing support to WNYBAC's ongoing programs taking place throughout Western New York:

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