Do You How-To? A Collection of DIY Books at WNYBAC

by Volunteer Blogger Richard WadeDIYBooks3_WNYBACshop

Letterpress isn’t just a niche hobby among old time printmakers anymore. Studios are alive and well across the country. Much like the vinyl record, letterpress shops are making a comeback. Visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Etsy, and your able to find a letterpress posting (card, poster, invitations!). While we may drool over the beauty of these handmade items and want to learn how to create that same beauty ourselves, our busy everyday lives might not allow for us to schedule a class. The next best thing might be to take home a how-to book, many of which are available at Western New York Book Arts Center. Below you will find a few of the great titles available in our boutique.

Hot Type: 20 Sheets of Typographic Fabric Transfers
by Brett McFadden and Benjamin Thorpe. Publisher Chronicle Books, LLC.

This book features twenty different fabric transfers that will allow the user to create unique designs on t-shirts, tote bags, and other accessories.

The Paper Bride:
Wedding Do-It-Yourself from Pop the Question to Tie-the-Knot and Happily Ever After
By Esther K. Smith, Publisher Crown Publishing Group.

Are you a young couple trying to plan an expensive wedding? This might be the book for you. Numerous guides on how-to create wedding invitations, mementos, and party decorations will allow for easy and carefree wedding planning. Projects with maximum impact that only require simple tools and basic skills.


How to Create your Own Gig Posters, Band T-Shirts, Album Covers, Stickers Screen-printing, Photocopy Art, and Mixed Media
by Ruthann Godollei, Publisher Voyageur Press.

Unless you play in a band like The Rolling Stones or Foo Fighters, the budget for merchandise isn’t going to be millions upon millions of dollars. Up and coming bands need to utilize all the resources at their disposal. This guide will teach bandmates to create stickers, stamps, stencils, and posters for upcoming concerts.

Screen your Stuff
by Veronique Georgelin & Pauline Ricard-Andre, Publisher Crown Publishing Group.

This book has fifteen different templates you can photocopy and use right away. Georgelin and Ricard–Andre are the co-creators of the maison georgette line of printed linens. Who wants a plain, boring t-shirt when you can print your favorite design on it? This book will allow you to do all of those things and more.

Magic Books and Paper Toys, Flip Books, EZ Pop-Ups & Other Paper Playthings
by Esther K Smith, Publisher Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony.

Everyone has a favorite book. One that they have read multiple times, drawn inspiration, and quoted verbatim to family members & friends. A tattered old paperback on a dusty bookshelf in your bedroom holds value, but a handmade book will be much more cherished. Simple steps and directions allow for fun, easy book-making  memories with loved ones.



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