Member Spotlight: John Ozimek

WNYBAC appreciates the creative and diverse members who make up our community.

Follow along as we celebrate one outstanding member each week!

John Ozimek’s confidence as an artist grew out of the WNYBAC facility and the programs we offer. Our workshops and studio space allowed John to explore forms of expression he might otherwise never have had the opportunity to, and to grow as an artist.

~ Self portrait printed with a rutabaga ~

“My story may be a little strange,” he says about how he got started in the arts community. You see, John’s story does not begin with art. It begins with science. He was always interested in science, and it was this first passion that lead to his passion for art. He recalls spending hours looking at things under a microscope when he was growing up and starting to draw what he saw, which inevitably lead to drawing other things. He stressed that he had no idea what he was doing, especially when he first started. But he also recounted a story from before he was ever a member at WNYBAC, of the first time someone expressed interest in buying some of his artwork. He must have had more of an idea what he was doing than he thought!

The story goes that he had some of his art displayed at his desk at work, and one day one of his co-workers asked him about it, and asked if he would be able to purchase a piece. John, thinking he wasn’t good enough to sell his work, brought in some of his paintings, and told his co-worker he could have any three he wanted.

~ Another print created with a rutabaga ~

That’s where WNYBAC comes in. WNYBAC didn’t make John’s work good enough to sell. The skill was already there. It just gave him the confidence to believe in that skill.

“I’m thankful to her for changing my life in a positive way”

John’s been a member here for more than 5 years, and most of those years he’s shown work in our annual member show. At first, he didn’t want to participate, though. He was approached about participating right after his first workshop by the instructor, Khrista. John says he’s glad she was persistent: “I’m thankful to her for changing my life in a positive way.”

Since then, John says participating in the member show is one of his goals for every year. He displays linoleum block prints, and sometimes he sells his work. He is also a member at Hallwall’s and recently sold a painting during the member show there. The painting was of some spiders he had encountered while out hiking. Because of his background in science, John draws a lot of his inspiration from nature. His very first painting was of a silverfish. One of his recent artworks was a linoleum block print of some fossil coral he found on a rock, again while out hiking.

His piece for this year’s member’s show is different though. It’s called Tense Conversation, and is a drypoint print of two people talking with their stomachs twisted in knots of anxiety. Rather than being inspired by nature, this one is inspired by an artist John looks up to: George Roualt, a famous French artist contemporary of Picasso. The style of Tense Conversation is inspired by Roualt’s We Are Crazy.

~ Tense Conversation ~

John also has a bigger project in mind. This one is nature inspired, and features daphnia, a microscopic organism that lives in Lake Hoyt. John thinks daphnia are so cool because they have an organ that functions like a natural backpack, and that’s how they carry their babies around. So his idea is to make a print of a daphnia with two babies inside it’s backpack. Well actually, three prints (of the same daphnia and babies), all using a different medium, lined up side by side.

He’s not sure when he’ll complete this piece, but he knows he’ll have to make use of WNYBAC’s open studio time to do so. John says getting the opportunity to use the studio is one of the best parts about being a member at WNYBAC.

His other favorite part is the workshops. Which makes sense, considering he’s taken almost all of them. John has taken workshops in everything from book binding to print making. He was most taken with our printmaking workshops, and uses the skills he learned from those most frequently.

“One of the coolest  places in Buffalo”

Of the workshops, John says they’ve helped him connect with the rest of the WNYBAC community. He meets people here, particularly instructors, who are part of the larger Buffalo arts community, a community John wants to see grow even more. That’s why he always spreads the news about WNYBAC to people he talks to who are unfamiliar with our organization. He describes the organization as “one of the coolest places in Buffalo.”

John certainly shows his love for WNYBAC through his involvement as a member. Every year he participates in our member show, attends workshops, and frequents exhibition openings.

John was an artist long before he became a WNYBAC member. It started with drawing what he observed under a microscope, and continued through the time when he was painting everyday. Today, he’s an active member in two community arts organizations and displays and sells his work at shows.

~ Microscope and animals living in Hoyt Lake ~

John’s story is one that tells of the meeting of two passions: science and art, and how these two subjects, which so many people perceive as opposites, can be so very beautiful when combined. John was always an artist, whether or not this was a title he was always comfortable adopting for himself. WNYBAC helped him develop as an artist, and helped him develop his confidence as an artist, and that’s our mission in action.

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Top Ten Reasons To Become A Member


20% Discount on workshops: Here at WNYBAC, we offer a wide variety of workshops from printing, to bookbinding, to papermaking. You can’t beat 20% off a high quality creative experience. Plus you can take home what you make!



10% discount at WNYBAC shop: The WNYBAC shop has a wide variety of unique posters, cards, buttons and other merchandise. Buy for you, or buy for someone else.



Your works shown in our Annual Members’ Exhibition: Every year the WNYBAC holds a members’ exhibition to show off what our people have been working on. When you become a member, you automatically get access to this easy way to show off your talent to the world.



WNYBAC equipment access during open studio: WNYBAC frequently holds open studio hours so that all of our cool art making stuff is easily accessible for our members.



Annual member broadside print: Because who doesn’t need more wall art?



Image courtesy of P22 Type Foundry

An exclusive font, LTC Winchell,  designed in 1903: Make your print-maker friends jealous with the LTC Winchell font, designed right here in Buffalo in 1903. But don’t let them get too jealous, just tell them how they can become WNYBAC members too!



WNYBAC library access privileges: Who doesn’t love a good book? Especially when that good book is about your craft. As a member, you get to check out our library and the wealth of knowledge we have stored there.



Free Wi-Fi Access at WNY Book Arts Center: Free wi-fi is everyone’s favorite thing, and as a member, you’ll get to learn our passcode so you can browse the web to your heart’s content whenever you visit the WNYBAC.



Higher consignment royalty rate for items sold in our shop: Become a WNYBAC member, sell your stuff in our shop, don’t be a starving artist!



These come with the satisfaction of knowing that by investing in a WNYBAC membership you are helping to cultivate the book arts in Western New York 🙂

WNYBAC has different levels of memberships available to fulfill different needs.
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Member Spotlight: Sarah “Bear” Cozzemera

WNYBAC appreciates the creative and diverse members who make up our community.

Follow along as we celebrate one outstanding member each week!

Sarah “Bear” Cozzemera’s formal beginning as an artist  was in her very last semester of college at SUNY Fredonia, when she took a pottery class on a whim. Though she would graduate with a degree in English, during that pottery class she fell in love with being able to create in, as she describes, “a more pure form.” She’s made pottery ever since, and now she owns her own business, Everyday Earthware.

~ Sarah with one of her Everyday Earthware Creations ~

Sarah sells her Everyday Earthwares online, but also shows up as a vendor at fairs and festivals throughout Buffalo. That’s how she met WNYBAC’s own Rose and Melissa! At one of the art shows she and WNYBAC both regularly table at, their booths happened to be right next door to each other. She got to talking to Rose and Melissa, and has been involved at WNYBAC ever since. She says that even though she’s only officially been a member since January, she’s felt like a member since 2014 when it all started.

Her involvement with WNYBAC started with vending at Last Minute Holiday Panic, one of WNYBAC’s annual fundraising events. She’s also been involved here through participating in a collaborative exhibition with book artist Scott Kristopher called Contentual Relationships. For the show, she made books out of clay, inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead. She says the show helped her see where she could be a book artist, an art form she hadn’t previously been involved in.

~ A mug featuring a lino-block stamp of the “om” symbol ~

When asked if she had taken any workshops, she replied “ideally I want to take all of them.” She says she’s most interested in paper marbling and bookbinding, since she doesn’t have experience with either yet. The next workshop she wants to take, though, is our letterpress workshop. She already uses the WNYBAC studio to hand carve linoleum blocks that she uses as pottery stamps, as well as letterpress prints!

“The whole ‘culture of awesome'”

From there the conversation turned back to her participation in Last Minute Holiday Panic, and she wanted to share a few last thoughts about the event. In particular, she described the event “like a party.” She says it gets her in a festive mood for the holidays, and not much else does. It’s part of what Sarah described as the whole “culture of awesome” here at WNYBAC, which she says is the best part about being a member here.

Talking to Sarah you can tell she’s one of those people who has a lot of love in her heart, both for the people and for the places in her life. She loves the people and volunteers here at WNYBAC, but she also loves the space. She described how, to her, the WNYBAC space has a mystery quality to it. And a history quality, of course, with all the old printing equipment we have scattered around both the shop and the studio. She’s interested in the Renaissance and that time period, and feels connected to the history by seeing the equipment here. She describes the printing press as a “revolution to the mind” and one that we’re still feeling the repercussions from today. She wants to be a part of that.

A lino-block print Sarah made at home
She hopes to incorporate letterpress for the next step

Sarah has a heart full of love, and the soul of an artist. “I want my life to just be art.” Her life as an artist extends far beyond just being a member of WNYBAC. Of course she has Everyday Earthwares, her own pottery business, but she also writes and paints, and generally “makes all the art” whenever she has time.

Sarah feels her true self is an artist. Her philosophy is that if you embody who you feel you are, and what you want to be as an artist, that’s how the best stuff comes out.

~ A set of Everyday Earthware dishes ~

Sarah really is an incredible person with an incredible story. She is an artist in the purest sense of the word, and WNYBAC is lucky to have her as a member of our community and to be able to help facilitate her creativity.

Check out Sarah’s creations to see more of her process!

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Spring Has Sprung At WNYBAC









Is it just me, or have we been having a lot of rain recently? They say all these showers are supposed to bring flowers, but you won’t have any if you don’t plant some seeds. If you’re feeling behind on your planting, WNYBAC has just the workshop for you!

On Saturday, May 26th, WNYBAC will run a Seed Bomb making workshop. That’s this coming Saturday! So make sure you sign up!

You’ll get to create handmade Seed Bombs using paper pulp and fun molds. Take them home and plant them, and in no time your Seed Bombs will turn into flowers and veggies. These handmade Seen Bombs also make great gifts, so make them for yourself, or anyone else you know who may be in need of seeds. WNYBAC will provide all the materials you may need, and you’re more than welcome to bring your own favorite seeds. No papermaking or gardening experience is required!

WNYBAC actually has a ton of fun workshops planned for the next few months. We promise you won’t be bored this summer.

One of the workshops we have planned for later this month is our Letterpress Basics Workshop. This is a beginners workshop that can stand alone, or  be taken along with our Advanced Letterpress Workshop. Both Basic and Advanced Workshops are two sessions long, taking place on consecutive weeks, and the Letterpress Basics Workshop starts on the 29th. We still have a few spots left, so make sure you sign up!

I’ve actually taken the Basic Letterpress Workshop myself. As an apprentice, my time at WNYBAC is filled with a variety of activities, from the professional development I mentioned in the last blog post, to learning about the book arts through workshops.

In the letterpress workshop I learned the history of our presses, and of printing. I also got to explore all of WNYBAC’s different type fonts and ornaments. That’s definitely the most overwhelming part of printing. Decision fatigue, am I right?

Once I settled on the font and decorations I would use, it was time to set my type. This basically means pulling the letters you need and arranging them with the ornaments, then adding spacing so everything lines up.

Then you move the type onto the printing press and lock it all in using something called furniture, a few contraptions called quoins, and even more spacing.

Then it’s time to start printing. So here’s the thing about letterpress, it’s a lot more setting type than it is actually printing. I was only making a birthday card, so it took me about an hour to set everything up. But people used to print entire newspapers on Vandercook presses, and I can only imagine how long that would take.

Once you have everything set up, though, it’s pretty easy to run off a bunch of copies on the press. I only made seven because, honestly, how many “Happy 21st Birthday” cards do you need? However, on projects I’ve printed since, I’ve made a hundred or more copies, which is what printing presses are meant to be used for.

The idea of using an antique printing press may be daunting, but the actual printing process isn’t complicated. After the workshop and just a couple more projects, I feel comfortable to use a printing press basically by myself. Which honestly is a pretty cool skill to have.

Other workshops coming up during the spring and summer season include screen printing workshops, an intaglio printmaking workshop, and many more. We offer something for everyone! If you’ve ever been curious about and wanted to try your hand at something book arts related, this summer is the time.

Our workshops fall into four major categories:


In any of our letterpress workshops you will have the opportunity to use our historic, fully-operational Vandercook printing presses. Learn to set and lay type, and print your own poster or greeting card.








 In a screenprinting workshop, you will have access to our screenprinting equipment, and get to print your own t-shirt or poster as an end product.









Papermaking workshops allow you to make paper much more interesting than your standard pack of printer paper. Depending on the workshop, you will make use of different fibers and materials and a variety of techniques for crafting one of a kind paper.






We also offer a variety of bookbinding workshops throughout the year. In these various workshops, you can explore different methods of making and binding books, and will get to create your own journal or sketchbook.







The workshops in any of these categories are varied and unique. We offer something for everyone, and for every skill-level, including kid-friendly workshops, and workshops designed specifically for kids. And any one of our workshops would make a great gift. Stop in a store to pick up a gift certificate. We’re open Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm. Treat yourself, or treat someone else.

Have I piqued your interest?

Check out a full list here:

Spring/Summer Workshops

Field Trips, PD, LCE, Oh My!

We at WNYBAC are committed to engaging the Buffalo community. One of the unique ways we do that is by offering field trips for students of all ages. We work with Kindergarteners, all the way up through college students. These field trips aren’t just for school groups either, they’re also great for Scout troops and even birthday parties.





We also know that the need for creative learning doesn’t end when school does, which is why WNYBAC also offers professional development opportunities focused on creativity. These opportunities are particularly well suited for teachers and designers, but are good for any group of professionals. For all of our field trips and professional development workshops, the focus is on creativity, but can be tailored to fit specific needs.

In fact, WNYBAC just hosted a week long professional development opportunity for teaching artists. We teamed up with Lincoln Center, the world’s premier performing arts center, located in New York city, and, through their education program, offered teaching artist seminars at both the beginner and intermediate levels.

As a recent hire to WNYBAC’s new Apprentice program, I attended the beginners session. To give you an idea of just how comprehensive my brief 3-day training was, I entered the session never having served as a teaching artist before with only limited experience in the field, and left with a lesson plan I anticipate using in the near future.

The sessions were intense, and included activities in various art forms from dance and music to visual arts. We started out as students, then reflected on the way we were taught to apply what we learned to our own teaching. On Wednesday, at the end of the beginner session and the beginning of the intermediate session, WNYBAC put on a networking mixer at our neighbor, the Angelica Tea Room, to give all the participants and instructors a chance to talk one on one with each other and exchange ideas and information. It was a great opportunity for us all to learn more about and grow in our craft.

Sky’s the limit in terms of what kinds of events we can host here. Your field trip or professional development can basically be anything you want it to be. So contact us today by calling (716)348-1430 or e-mailing to find out more!

WNYBAC Through the Eyes of an Intern

Hi! If you’re wondering who was behind the quirky blog post WNYBAC made last month, it was me. My name is Branwyn and I’m a marketing intern here at WNYBAC this semester.

I’m a current Junior at Canisius College (if you’re from the Buffalo area I’m sure you’ve driven by my campus before; we’re right on Main St.). I’m studying Communication Studies, and this internship counts as credit towards my degree.

Canisius is a big believer in getting its students out into the city and gaining career experience before they graduate, and wow is WNYBAC helping me out with this! With roots as a creative writer, I got interested in marketing for non-profits because I like the idea of learning and taking on a company’s or organization’s voice. WNYBAC has already trusted me with speaking for the organization, and has really let me take the lead with this blog thing. I know this is only the second post so far, but believe me, we have some really cool things planned!

I get to post on WNYBAC’s social media pretty often too. If you check our Instagram story on Thursdays or Fridays, it was probably me who made it. Believe it or not, I’d never actually created an Instagram story before I started here, and I still can’t bring myself to make my own (something about Snapchat being easier to post to quickly), but I love making Instagram stories for WNYBAC. See how much I’m learning?


(Some pictures from the Instagram stories I’ve created over the past few weeks)

In all seriousness, though, knowing how to market on social media is going to be crucial in my chosen career path. I learn best by doing, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do just that here at WNYBAC.

Not to mention WNYBAC is such a friendly and creative environment. I had the opportunity to interview a few of our members for a future Member Spotlight blog post (stay tuned, because like I said, we have some cool stuff planned!), and when I asked each member what their favorite part about WNYBAC is, they all talked about how WNYBAC is a welcoming community. And that’s true whether you’re a member, an intern, or anyone in between.

(A print by John Ozimek, one of the members I interviewed.

Believe it or not, he made this using a rutabaga!)

I love being able to work for an arts organization, especially by doing marketing for them, because the WNYBAC mission of bringing the community together to learn about and celebrate printing and book-related arts is one I am whole-heartedly for. It’s easy to make blog posts and Instagram stories in the organization’s voice because I’m so comfortable here that it’s my voice too.

Another cool part about getting to work at an arts organization, actually this arts organization specifically, is getting the opportunity to print using historic presses and antique equipment. I’ve already had the opportunity to use our printing presses on a few different occasions, and I’ve tried my hand at the printing process from start to finish. So now I have the utmost respect for anyone who has ever set type ever. I can’t believe entire newspapers used to be printed that way!

The actual printing process was really enjoyable. Definitely a lot more time consuming than the way we’re used to printing, since you have to place each paper individually and manually roll it through the press every time. You get into a groove though, so the printing itself goes pretty quick, and the finished product looks so cool! And considering the amount of time you spent setting the type, you’re extra proud of it. The printing project I worked on from start to finish was an insert to be included with merchandise from our shop, and I have to say it’s really cool to know that so many people are going to see something I made, and I’m glad to have gotten to make it for WNYBAC.


        (Here’s the insert I printed, from start to finish)

I can’t believe that my internship here is already half over. I know the last day of my internship won’t be the last I see of WNYBAC though. It’s too great of a place not to stay involved by volunteering or taking classes. WNYBAC is preparing me for a career path I’m passionate about, and my time and experiences here are something I’m always going to remember.

Bye for now. Hope you enjoyed this WNYBAC blog post. Stay tuned for another update next month! 🙂

What is WNYBAC?!

By: Branwyn (our fabulously awesome Intern)

Hi! I see you’ve stumbled across our blog. We have big plans for filling you in on all the different ins and outs of what makes our organization special, but first here’s who we are and a little bit of history about ourselves.

(Our home way back when)

We are WNYBAC, short for Western New York Book Arts Center, more commonly known as just the “Book Arts Center,” but we call ourselves WNYBAC. (Pronounced Winnie Back). You can think of it like a girl’s name. You know, if Back wasn’t a super weird last name that probably nobody actually has.

Anyway, that’s our name. But our name doesn’t explain what the heck a book arts center is. Basically, we here at the WNYBAC love all things books and printing related, and offer a wide variety of services to the Buffalo community centered around these two passions.


(Photo creds to our friends at Buffalo Rising)

We began in 2007 with just two founders, including Rich Kegler, our Executive Director emeritus, and three board members, all with a desire to preserve manual printing. We’ve called 468 Washington St., in the heart of downtown Buffalo, home since 2008. We pride ourselves on being the only spot in the immediate Western New York area to offer such a large extent of printing services and printing/art related workshops and programming all in one spot. (Keep an eye out for future blog posts in which I’ll explain all those things I just mentioned!)

(Looks like somebody’s learning to screenprint)

Primarily, we are a community spot, accessible to all! We hold artist exhibitions throughout the year in the gallery area of our space that are always free and open to the public.

(Oh look, a gallery opening!)

We are a place where Buffalo’s creative souls of all ages can come together to work and share ideas. We are WNYBAC.

Now here’s the people who make this place awesome:


Gail Nicholson – Executive Director

An artistic soul, Gail found out about WNYBAC through other artists in her community. She says her favorite part about working here is meeting new and interesting people with a wide range of artistic skills. If she could be any piece of printing equipment, she would be the colorful ink we use so often here at WNYBAC. She loves the reds and oranges because they’re her favorite colors and are uplifting and positive.




Rosemary Williams – Program Director

Rosemary discovered WNYBAC when she was searching for a college internship, and one of her professors at UB mentioned the place. She remembers stalking the website before she started here, and quickly falling in love with the environment and our mission. Her favorite part about working here is the smell when you’re the first one in in the morning. She describes it as the smell of warm dust and ink, and says its one of her favorites. If Rose could be any piece of printing equipments, she would be what we call “furniture.” Furniture is used to hold type in place, and she views it as the “unsung hero” of printing because it holds everything together, but you never actually see it printed.



Melissa Rechin – Retail Manager

Melissa first learned about WNYBAC at the Allen West Arts Festival, and soon after she started volunteering, which lead to a full time position. Her favorite part about working here is that she can come to work everyday in a creative environment where she can be herself. She also loves that the staff all shares the same love for caffeine. If Mel could be any piece of printing equipment she would be a squeegee, because they are used for so many different things, and also because the word is just really fun to say.


Bye for now. Hope you enjoyed WNYBAC’s very first blog post and learned a little something about our organization. Stay tuned for another update next month! 🙂

Interning at WNYBAC

By Cache Petters-Matthews, English senior at Medaille College. 

As my second day interning at WNYBAC comes to a close, I realize I made an amazing decision when I chose to apply here for an internship. I wanted to learn more about printing and the art community in Buffalo, and I am already learning so much despite it being my second Saturday here.

Cache_Blog_PressPhotoBoth times I was able to utilize the printing press. Something I’ve only learned about in history class was before my eyes! It was amazing, and the wonder of the printing press still hasn’t left me. I made seemingly simple art crafts on the printing press: the shop bags, and notepaper with minor design. There are many fonts to use, and endless creative ways to express yourself at WNYBAC. For the shop bags, myself and another intern chose our type and created our forme, and using the printing press we imprinted on the bag. Cache_Blog_MechBag      It was my first time ever using one and I fell in love.

I talk about this place always to my friends and family, and will certainly be bringing them to any events or workshops in the future. I urge you all to do the same! It’s fun and allows for amazing creativity. I’m primarily a writer, and this place has a friendly atmosphere, and allows you to surround yourself with different types of art.  I’ll continue coming here and creating new things long after my internship has completed!

Holiday Gift Spotlight at WNYBAC

Shop from local artists and support our non-profit programming in the process!

We have oodles of handmade gifts perfect for fun, unique and thoughtful gift-giving. Consider gifting a handmade journal, book of poetry by a local author, zines, book necklaces, book-binding kit, coloring books, posters, prints and more… We’re also a destination for your holiday cards! Below are a few gift items we think you’ll love.

These Tea Towels were designed by former WNYBAC Artist in Residence Harumo Sato and printed right here in our Studio. Brighten up your kitchen in 3 designs: Ramen, Strawberry Soldiers & Apartment Windows – $12



We’ve just letterpress printed up a new batch of tote bags!  The Alphabet Bag available in 3 versions (with a pun on the back). A CMY (Cyan Magenta Yellow) Version, CY, and MY 🙂 Fit all your shopping in a reusable bag, or use the tote as a fun gift basket for the designer or teacher in your life. We also have versions with the WNYBAC logo to show your support of the organization (HINT: pairs well with a WNYBAC Workshop or Gift Certificate!)Alphabet Tote – $10



Handprinted and Pamphlet-Stitched Journals perfect for note-taking, lists, journaling, sketching and more! We have dozens of unique notebooks in sets & sold separately, big & small, hardcover too. (Price range $1+)  Set of 3 Hand-Stitched Letterpress Circle Notebooks – $8

In addition to the many greeting cards in stock, we have Letterpress Printed Stationery! Chose from our ‘Thank You’ design printed on our Vintage Vandercook 219, or our Sneaker ‘Chucks’ Stationery, and ‘Colored Pencil’ Stationery set – both limited screenprint editions, designed by WNYBAC Member Anne Muntges and printed in our Studio.
A box of 15 5″x7″ Thank You Stationery + Envelopes – $16

 WNYBAC is full of creative gift ideas, like this ‘Jungle Book Clock’ by Artist Heather Cook. Browse through her varied altered book gifts, including ‘READ’ & Heart Book Sculptures. We also have book pendants, necklaces & boxed books for giving! Not to mention Altered Book Trees! (Unique gifts starting at 95¢)
Jungle Book Clock -$50



Memberships & Gift Certificates to WNYBAC are a great option! Gift Certificates can be used towards ourWorkshops for all ages, WNYBAC Membership and in our shop! Available in any denomination.


Wednesday-Saturday • 12-6pm
or call us for an appointment!
468 Washington Street in downtown Buffalo • 716-348-1430

Harvey Breverman video portrait by Jon Hand

Jon Hand’s video portrait of artist Harvey Breverman, produced by the Buffalo Society of Artists, 2016

Harvey Breverman from Jon R. Hand on Vimeo.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders listed below, for providing support to WNYBAC's ongoing programs taking place throughout Western New York:

NYSCA M & T Art 4 Moore Zenger Group Evans Bank Community Foundation
Baird Foundation Cameron Jane