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The printing press revolutionized the mass distribution of ideas in a more equitable way than the world had ever seen. Today at Book Arts, we perpetuate these same values; art is for everyone, the sharing of information is revolutionary, and making something with your own hands can – and will – change the world. As keepers of centuries-old crafts, we welcome all who possess a creative curiosity, offering a supportive environment to learn, make, and discover.

In an age where information is shared in staggering quantities, studies show that we are all feeling more isolated than ever, positioning opportunities to foster creativity and connectedness as a critically important touch point for community wellness. This growing need is best evidenced by this season’s Printing Partners sites that filled within 1 week; we have enough children eagerly waiting on our list to fill the next class. We are all in urgent need of a reprieve, and the mental and emotional wellbeing of our community cannot wait.

When you give to Book Arts, you become part of a legacy of industry, craft, and creativity. Book Arts members join us from a wide range of entry points: selling their goods in our shop, attending an event, printing in our studios, becoming an exhibitor, participating in a class. What ties them all together is a love for exploration, and a belief that the arts are an important part of a life well-lived.

Your support provides art supplies for community workshops, creates meaningful opportunities for teaching artists, promotes local makers, and sustains our unending commitment to make these resources available to all.

Art supply kits for Printing Partners


What does it mean to provide opportunities for artists and educators? At the WNY Book Arts Center, this question is central to our mission to share printing and book-related arts with all those engaged in a creative curiosity.