A Reflection by Studio Intern Sanaa Kirksey

It has been so much fun interning at Book Arts and I have learned so much! Making new designs for the shop and also executing the designs by letterpress printing and screen printing has been my favorite part of the entire experience. Seeing so many printing designs made by the designers & artists here was a huge influence and it really put a new perspective into the designs I made of my own.

In the beginning, I learned about the printing process by letterpress printing a design that was donated for the shop, and making bookmarks from it. I started off learning the basics like what “furniture” is. This is the spacing we need to use on the printing press in order to keep everything in one forme and I learned how to measure the furniture with “pica” and the type with “points” on the ruler.


Once I new the basics I started to work on two designs of my own using the printing press. One was a “new baby” card and the other was a “best of wishes.” Designing these cards was a challenge in the beginning because I had never done anything like it before but once I got a concept for what I wanted to do for them it was easier from there. I explored different type fonts and sizes for them and even mixed colors together for it which was fun.

Then I worked on screen printing a design that I made onto a tea towel. I chose to do a flower design that I made myself and mix some colors for it. This was new for me and and a learning process but again once I adjusted it got easier and it was amazing to learn. 

Learning at Book Arts was so much fun!  

Being apart of the amazing  Book Arts community has been and enlightening experience and it has made me a better graphic designer. Working with Everyone here has been exceptional and I hope to still be apart of the community even after my Internship.


Sanaa kirksey is a  Graphic Design student at Villa Maria College. I enjoy traveling and making new friends, and I love creating things and working with my hands.

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