A Reflection by Studio Intern Hsathablay Paw

My name is Hsathablay Paw, I’m a studio intern at WNY Book Arts Center and I go to ECC (Erie Community College). I’m an undergraduate and am majoring in Liberal Arts & Science – General Studies. This year Spring is my 2nd year and last semester at ECC before transferring to a 4-year college and switching majors to fine art. I have an interest in all types of art like drawing, painting, crafting, and designing. Right now I’m taking a painting class and a 3D design class.

My internship at Book Arts has been going well and I like it here. I applied for an internship at Book Arts because I have interests in many types of art forms and book art was something I have never learned or done before so I would like to learn more about it. My first impression of Book Arts was simple, comfortable, and a nice quiet atmosphere. My First 2 weeks at Book Arts have been fun and getting hands-on experience right from the start was exciting. The first thing I did was identify and redistribute some of the typesets that needed to be put back in their original shelf and after I got the chance to pick out my own typeset and design cards to be printed with some letterpress machines.

It was fun picking out and making designs, but operating the press was also fun, it was repetitive, but fun. I learned how to assemble the typesets on the machine and learned how to operate the machine. Also, there are so many types of typeset to choose from for your design. While designing and operating the press I did listen to good music, the type of music I like is KPOP like Beautiful Liar by Monsta X, Farewell Neverland and Tinnitus by TXT, Maniac by Stray Kids, and more. After finishing printing the stationary, we let it dry so the ink doesn’t smush and packaging has also been done, so I’m happy.

Going forward I would like to learn more about the different parts of book arts and gain more knowledge about it. I would also like to continue having fun and doing more things.

Designs by Hsathablay:

The two designs I created for the stationery was to show the feel of nature and the spring that was coming. One of the designs was in the color yellow that said “HELLO..!” in typeface Gallia with size 18 pt. and the ornaments I used were a rose and two different kinds of ornament. One was a thin curved borderline ornament and the other was some intricate thin, swirl looking corner ornaments that were used for the corner of the paper we used. The thin curved lines were used to underline the “HELLO” and the corner ornaments.

The other design was in the color green that said “HI, WELCOME.” in a typeface called Romany, and had an image on the left corner of the paper. To create the image I used a circle ornament to represent the sun and three different flower ornaments to represent nature and spring, then I used some swirl looking corner ornaments and 4 of the same looking border ornaments to create a border around the flowers and sun. These two designs were to show some simple yet intricate use of the elegant looking ornaments.

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Hsathablay Paw is a liberal arts and science student at ECC (Erie Community College). She has an interest in all types of art like drawing, painting, crafting, and designing.