Dance with the Devil

by Blogger Richard Wade


It’s that time yet again. Mark your calendars and set aside a couple hours for Friday May 20th
from 6-9pm. Western New York Book Arts Center will be hosting Dance with The Devil: A
Visual Conversation Concerning a Genie and His Bottle, by Bob Collignon.

The exhibition features images shot digitally from a monitor of video and film from the Trinity
and Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, then heavily processed to make beautiful images of what the
apocalypse might look like at the beginning. Collignon processed the photographs, keeping in
mind color detail and color process, bringing the pieces to be reminiscent of paintings sans paint. To compliment the show, David Kane will be performing a special electronica piece.

Dance with The Devil grows out of his fascination with the beauty of destruction coupled with
his upbringing during the “duck and cover” era, which even as a child he considered to be “a
dumb feel good approach to being incinerated.” Most of his work grows out of vivid memories
of his childhood through a sense of shared autobiography in the work, thus the actual mid-
century toys either photographed or used as part of a heliorama, which he had as a child.

Collignon has over four decades of experience as model builder, having worked with General
Motors, Old Fort Niagara, Hirsch Projects, and Fine Scale Modeling Magazine. He is a master
modeler with The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society. The only way to gain this
distinction is to earn the “Judges Best of Show” award at the AMPS International Convention.

The exhibition is the third in the 5×12 series at WNYBAC, a NYSCA-funded yearlong residency
program that features five artists over the course of twelve months. WNYBAC is located at 468 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY 14203. For more information, visit, email, or call 716-348-1430. We hope to see you there!

Richard Wade is a 2009 graduate of Buffalo State College, earning his degree in Journalism. He is a voracious reader who also enjoys collecting vinyl and attending concerts. 

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