WNYBAC Through the Eyes of an Intern

Hi! If you’re wondering who was behind the quirky blog post WNYBAC made last month, it was me. My name is Branwyn and I’m a marketing intern here at WNYBAC this semester.

I’m a current Junior at Canisius College (if you’re from the Buffalo area I’m sure you’ve driven by my campus before; we’re right on Main St.). I’m studying Communication Studies, and this internship counts as credit towards my degree.

Canisius is a big believer in getting its students out into the city and gaining career experience before they graduate, and wow is WNYBAC helping me out with this! With roots as a creative writer, I got interested in marketing for non-profits because I like the idea of learning and taking on a company’s or organization’s voice. WNYBAC has already trusted me with speaking for the organization, and has really let me take the lead with this blog thing. I know this is only the second post so far, but believe me, we have some really cool things planned!

I get to post on WNYBAC’s social media pretty often too. If you check our Instagram story on Thursdays or Fridays, it was probably me who made it. Believe it or not, I’d never actually created an Instagram story before I started here, and I still can’t bring myself to make my own (something about Snapchat being easier to post to quickly), but I love making Instagram stories for WNYBAC. See how much I’m learning?


(Some pictures from the Instagram stories I’ve created over the past few weeks)

In all seriousness, though, knowing how to market on social media is going to be crucial in my chosen career path. I learn best by doing, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do just that here at WNYBAC.

Not to mention WNYBAC is such a friendly and creative environment. I had the opportunity to interview a few of our members for a future Member Spotlight blog post (stay tuned, because like I said, we have some cool stuff planned!), and when I asked each member what their favorite part about WNYBAC is, they all talked about how WNYBAC is a welcoming community. And that’s true whether you’re a member, an intern, or anyone in between.

(A print by John Ozimek, one of the members I interviewed.

Believe it or not, he made this using a rutabaga!)

I love being able to work for an arts organization, especially by doing marketing for them, because the WNYBAC mission of bringing the community together to learn about and celebrate printing and book-related arts is one I am whole-heartedly for. It’s easy to make blog posts and Instagram stories in the organization’s voice because I’m so comfortable here that it’s my voice too.

Another cool part about getting to work at an arts organization, actually this arts organization specifically, is getting the opportunity to print using historic presses and antique equipment. I’ve already had the opportunity to use our printing presses on a few different occasions, and I’ve tried my hand at the printing process from start to finish. So now I have the utmost respect for anyone who has ever set type ever. I can’t believe entire newspapers used to be printed that way!

The actual printing process was really enjoyable. Definitely a lot more time consuming than the way we’re used to printing, since you have to place each paper individually and manually roll it through the press every time. You get into a groove though, so the printing itself goes pretty quick, and the finished product looks so cool! And considering the amount of time you spent setting the type, you’re extra proud of it. The printing project I worked on from start to finish was an insert to be included with merchandise from our shop, and I have to say it’s really cool to know that so many people are going to see something I made, and I’m glad to have gotten to make it for WNYBAC.


        (Here’s the insert I printed, from start to finish)

I can’t believe that my internship here is already half over. I know the last day of my internship won’t be the last I see of WNYBAC though. It’s too great of a place not to stay involved by volunteering or taking classes. WNYBAC is preparing me for a career path I’m passionate about, and my time and experiences here are something I’m always going to remember.

Bye for now. Hope you enjoyed this WNYBAC blog post. Stay tuned for another update next month! ?

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