Member Spotlight: Nicole Cooke

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Nicole Cooke first got involved with WNYBAC while she was in college, and at this point she’s been a member for four or five years. Nicole studied photography in college, and started out in a college in Cleveland. It was when she transferred back to Buffalo to finish her education, though, that her WNYBAC story starts. She says of the first class she took here, letterpress, “within 10 seconds I was hooked.”

~ Nicole Cooke ~

Nicole really has built letterpress in as a regular part of her art. One of the most common things she works on in our studio space is printing posters with quotes. Sometimes she’ll even print the quotes over a photo she’s taken, because she’s still passionate about photography as well. She owns a business, called “Type & Resolution,” a name that took her awhile to settle on because she has so many interests and products she offers. Nicole is a self-described “jack of all trades.” So the name of her business had to be one that would capture it all.

~ One of Nicole’s completed prints ~ 

Being a jack of all trades certainly keeps Nicole busy. Occasionally she struggles to find the time to do all that she wants to do, because usually the projects she wants to use the WNYBAC space for require that she start and finish in one afternoon. Yet, she does find the time. She finds time to work on much more than just her own personal projects.

In addition to being a member with WNYBAC, Nicole volunteers here. She participates in the member show, sells at Last Minute Holiday Panic, our annual holiday marketplace, and when BookFest rolls around every summer she’s “all involved in that one.” She has done lettering for the festival, and even created a wood block to be used during our steamroller printing demonstrations. She says, “I guess I just love this place so much,” echoing the sentiments of our other members.

~ Print designed by Nicole, printed using a steamroller ~

Nicole says it’s fun to share WNYBAC with people, and she’s always one to encourage others to get involved in the community. Nicole says of WNYBAC, “we could have all the best presses, but if we didn’t have such an awesome staff it would be for nothing.” Nicole has friends here, friends that are the best part about being a member at WNYBAC for her. She describes the WNYBAC spirit as one of community over competition. Here, we are all artists, all with different experiences and skill levels, and we all use this space to come together and create.

Nicole would like to leave you all with the task to go to the WNYBAC website and, “buy a membership.” Membership here supports an arts organization as a part of your community. We offer programming for adults, kids, and everyone in between, because art should be accessible for everyone. Nicole’s goal is to get people in here to see our space, see what we do, meet our staff, and get more involved from there.

~ Just another one of Nicole’s awesome quote prints ~

We at WNYBAC love our members, and are so thankful for members like Nicole who spread the word about who we are and what we do. WNYBAC is happy to provide a space for artists with diverse interests and passions, like Nicole, to explore those interests and come together as a community. Our members are who make us who we are.


Check out Nicole’s creations and see more of her process!

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