Featured Member Artist: Frank Singleton


Frank has a unique style of art, just as all of our members do. His art is on display in our Members’ Exhibition. Frank’s piece “Variety” was created using a typewriter.


“An unusual kind of dictionary.”

Frank’s art centers around the typewriter. “Variety” is part of a longer, book-length series he is creating. He describes it as “an unusual kind of dictionary.” In this dictionary, “the typed text of the meaning of particular words is also used to visually illustrate the meaning.”

The 10th Annual Members’ Exhibition is on view until August 18th

Frank’s artistic process varies widely. Sometimes he creates conceptual works that play with words and meanings, but he also does abstract works and representational works, including landscapes, portraits, and nudes. Frank says his abstract works are often created spontaneously at a manual typewriter, without forethought or planned design. Other works require careful planning before he starts to type. Finally there are times when he only has a vague idea of what he wants to embody, and the piece takes on clarity through his process of creation.


                                How to Square the Circle                        Music Combo

Frank’s work has been included in various exhibits over the years. He recently had a piece displayed in an exhibit of typewriter art at the Perez Museum in Miami. In 2015 his work was prominently featured in Ruth and Marvin Sackner’s book The Art of Typewriting.

Of course, Frank also displays his work in our annual Members’ Exhibition. This is his third year participating.


                                   Earthquake                                                   Portrait of a Lady

Frank is proud to be a WNYBAC member. He first discovered us 10 years ago, when we were just starting out, and when he had just moved back to Buffalo from Massachusetts. He was attracted by the variety and quality of the works we exhibit in our gallery space. In fact, Frank says his favorite thing about WNYBAC to this day is still our variety of exhibits in many media.

There is no better time when this variety is displayed than during our members show. Frank says that when he sees media that’s new to him, he is often tempted to try it himself. That’s another reason why Frank loves WNYBAC. He has a special interest in the book arts and in artists books that “expand on the meaning of what it is to be a book.” Frank himself loves “the idea of creating a book that violates norms and in which one is constantly surprised as one turns the pages.”

“Expand on the meaning of what it is to be a book.”

Frank has already taken a workshop on letterpress and is looking forward to ones on bookbinding and papermaking. His goal is to use these techniques to enhance his own typewritten books.

~ The Maze of Human Life ~

For Frank, WNYBAC is an important asset to the local arts community. It allows him to experience and appreciate art in different media than the one he personally uses. It is also a place for him to display his own art, and to learn new skills to incorporate into that art. Frank encourages his friends and acquaintances to join WNYBAC so that they too can experience these benefits. Frank has been a loyal member for years, and we are proud to provide a space for him to display his work and enhance his skills.


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