Featured Member Artist: Julia Dzwonkoski

Julia Dzwonkoski is one of our members whose art is on display in our 10th Annual Members’ Exhibition. This is her first year displaying work in our Members’ Show and she created her piece here at WNYBAC. In fact, it’s the first print she ever made here.

The print itself is a group of women hanging out and chatting. Julia purposely gave them empty speech bubbles that she could fill in later. This way the text is different in each print, and can reflect different experiences Julia has.

The text in the print in the Member’s Exhibition reflects an experience Julia had in which she was “mansplained” to multiple times in a single day. The experience was “infuriating, but also kind of funny,” Julia explains, which is why she decided to turn it into a little dialogue for her print.

“How we speak to each other, how conversations begin and end, what’s said versus what’s implied, etcetera.”

Julia tends to think in dialogues. “How we speak to each other, how conversations begin and end, what’s said versus what’s implied, etcetera.” The purpose of this series of prints she made is to have a place to put these dialogues that would otherwise be stuck in her head. The one displayed in our Members’ Show is just one of many.

The 10th Annual Members’ Exhibition is on view until August 18th

Prints, like the one Julia has in the Members’ Exhibition, aren’t Julia’s typical artistic medium. Usually she draws or paints. However, after taking a screen printing class with Nathan Deganis-Libera, one of our teaching artists, she has gotten more into printing, taking advantage of our open studio hours.

Julia says the next one of our classes she would like to take is a letterpress class. In addition to taking classes and using our studio, Julia has also done some volunteering here at WNYBAC, helping out with BookFest, one of our biggest annual events, this year.

“She’s impressed by ‘the amazing women who run [the organization]’”

Julia listed off a few different things as her favorite things about WNYBAC. She’s impressed by “the amazing women who run [the organization],” and appreciates “the down-to-earth vibe.” She also enjoys getting to see what other people are making.

We’re happy to have Julia as a member here, and excited to be displaying her work for the first time in this year’s Members’ Show. Here’s to many more Members’ Exhibitions, and many more member years, with Julia!

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