Featured Volunteer: Katy

Katy is new to WNYBAC; she just started volunteering here earlier this summer. She recently returned to Buffalo from New Paltz, New York, where she is working on finishing up a BFA in Printmaking and a BS in Art Education at SUNY New Paltz.

“With her printmaking background, the opportunity to learn how to typeset ‘was irresistible.'”

She says she wanted to get involved with the local art scene, and with her printmaking background the opportunity to learn how to typeset “was irresistible.”

While Katy is here each week, she uses the presses to create various items for WNYBAC. She has loved the process of learning how to typeset. She says her time here has given her the chance to learn the process of letterpress and she has come to appreciate the technique behind a complicated art. Additionally, volunteering here gives Katy experience working in a professional space. “My favorite thing to do here is learn!”

“My favorite thing to do here is learn!”

In addition to volunteering here at WNYBAC, Katy also is an intern at People Inc’s The Art Experience. There, she teaches art to adults with disabilities, a part of People Inc’s day habilitation program that specializes in art, theater, dance and music.

Katy’s interests are many. When she gets to create her own pieces she uses photo printmaking processes, like photo lithography and photo silkscreen. “I combine photography and line drawing in a dreamlike, but sometimes harsh, way to find an understanding between myself and my deepest fears and desires.” Katy also enjoys embroidery.

“I combine photography and line drawing in a dreamlike, but sometimes harsh way.”

Katy has exhibited her printmaking work in the Hudson Valley area and hopes to continue exhibiting here in Buffalo. She’s off to a good start. Katy has a piece in this year’s Tenth Annual Member’s Exhibition. It’s called “Hallway Scene” and is a lithography print.


Hallway Scene

The 10th Annual Members’ Exhibition is on view until August 18th

For Katy, volunteering at WNYBAC has been a great way to tie all her interests together. Printmaking and bookmaking have a closely knit history that Katy has only just begun to explore as a student, and WNYBAC has allowed her to explore this connection further. It has also given her experience in one of the areas she’s getting her degree in, all while allowing her to stay true to her printmaking roots.

Katy has been a great edition to the WNYBAC team and we’re happy to have her as a volunteer here.

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