Board of Directors

Peter Sowiski
Abaca Press

Kathleen Hartmans
Quality Bindery
Vice President

Daniel Vater
Florian Financial Group

Robert Fleming
Mirabo Press
Hodgson Russ LLP

“I trained as a printmaker and am known as a paper maker, so by default have long been interested in book arts. I worked with the founders in the past and have done a few workshops for them and at the center, and can truly say, that although we are firmly in the tech and digital age, there seems to be always a strong undercurrent of interest in manual creation. People want to love and love to want to create and make things in the way it is done at the Western New York Book Arts Center. Here you will find the place, people and time to delve richly into the all that these arts entail.”

—Peter Sowiski

Because print is not dead! Print, more than anything, more than the internet, changed the power structures of the entire world by making information accessible to anyone who could read. What’s more is that where digital may own and house the headlines, print has become an invaluable respite. It is a space so void of distraction, so permanent, and full of unique design that readers do not just dip their toes like they do to so many different websites and social platforms, they instead put all else down and fully immerse themselves in the work of authors and artists they spend enough time with to remember.

Silence. Words. Art. Thought. That is print. That is Book Arts. That is what we work to preserve and celebrate on Washington and Mohawk. “

—Kevin Heffernan