We glowed up, major. All thanks to City Lights Studio!


Rewind to Spring of 2019, a quintessential June day in Buffalo where the sunshine is beaming down, yet still manages to feel soft on the skin, illuminating the menagerie of colors in the spring foliage. A rhythm of shutter clicks and “candid” laughter is trickling out of Book Arts’ front door on E. Mohawk St. as Erica of City Lights Studio is guiding us through our first ever branding session.

We knew early on in this rebranding journey that a very key component of our visual branding would be photography, because what better way to illustrate just what we do here at Book Arts than by showing it! Erica was truly able to capture the vibrancy, quirkiness & discovery that happens every day here at Book Arts, allowing us to spread knowledge and curiosity of book and printing-related arts further into our communities. 

From the staff’s personality infused headshots, to the strikingly strong architectural images of our beloved center, and the array of discoveries & workshop happenings that it holds, it is no surprise that Erica’s photography on our new website & marketing materials really does steal the show. 

It was an absolute treasure meeting & working with Erica, we’re so excited for all the future collabs this relationship will foster. So all this being said, book her for your next glow up sesh. She truly has a gift at capturing the heart of an organization & all the personalities that come along with it, awkward hands and all.

These shots couldn’t have happened without the folks in them. Some well deserved kudos goes out to our enthusiastic and loyal volunteers. Thank you for always letting us bribe you with pizza.

I believe every nonprofit has a story to tell, and I was fortunate enough to capture that of Book Arts. As a small business owner myself, I know how much heart is poured into everything we do. It is truly an honor to visually document entrepreneurs as they build, grow and showcase their brands. I believe Book Arts is an essential part of our city’s cultural scene, and I truly enjoyed working with the staff as we planned out their session, and decided which elements would be essential to their story. From professional headshots to images of their storefront to documenting mini-workshops, we worked together to create a portfolio of imagery that will express and support their growth and development. I am so excited to be a small part of this organization’s innovation, and look forward to watching Book Arts shine!


City Lights Studio

More about City Lights Studio

Founded in 2008 by photographer Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer, City Lights Studio, LLC is a modern wedding & portrait photography studio specializing in elegant images with a creative twist and photojournalistic flair, located in the heart of the downtown Buffalo inside the Hotel @ The Lafayette – our neighbor!