A Reflection by Intern Bushraa Choudhury

Working at Book Arts has been such an amazing experience. I’ve met many new people and learned a lot about the center and community. I’ve especially enjoyed learning how to use the letterpress and all the procedures and terms for the tools (my favorite was the quoin & key). 

Quoin /k(w)oin/:

a wedge or expanding mechanical device used for locking a letterpress form into a chase.  A quoin key is used to tighten or loosen the quoins.

The first few days I started off by organizing materials which helped me get familiar with the studio and all the inks. Occasionally I’d assist in choosing the type or printing for the Center’s work. There was one day that was the most challenging which was assisting a screen print workshop and printing for guests during an exhibition. I was super nervous about suddenly working with large groups, but eventually eased into it the more I got familiar and confident with the work I was assigned.

My last project was to create hand-set letterpress printed cards with a two color design that would be added to the gift shop inventory. I made sure to research the topics given to include my own taste all while trying to stay true to the Book Arts Center’s theme. I had many revisions and help from staff Rosemary and Melissa. After I learned how to build a forme that involved math (aaaah math) I successfully printed three sets of cards which were a retirement, a thank you, and a wedding card.

Creating these hand-printed cards was so much fun that it inspired me to try and create a card with my own designs for our Islamic holiday Eid!

I’m glad I was able to be a part of the Book Arts Center and meet all the amazing staff, volunteers, and artists there! I hope that in the future I continue to be a part of the Center and the art community here in my hometown Buffalo!

Bushraa Choudhury (Shuna) is a student Illustrator,
Graphic designer, and a Poet! Her hobbies are growing sunflowers, hiking, photography, & traveling. She is currently working on writing and illustrating a children’s book and occasionally posts her artwork on her Instagram @shuna_arts

Card designs by Bushraa:

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collection of photos from Bushraa internship - cards, letterpress formes