Photo of Jameson Hampton standing in front of their exhibition "A tarot of sorts" holding up two letterpress tarot cards

At Book Arts, we believe that the arts are vital, diversity is a strength, and creativity is essential.

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For me the most impactful part of my experience at Book Arts was that I had a chance to build my network of artists and creatives in Buffalo. One of the coolest things about Book Arts is how community centered it is. During my residency time I was not only meeting the incredible people who run the place, but also the many artists who use the studio and the people who attend their community events. I met professional artists, hobbyists, and even got to teach a workshop for a group of people who had no printing experience. I think the range of people the Book Arts center reaches is pretty incredible, and it felt like a real privilege to be a part of it.

Talia Ryan

Studio Resident, Book Arts

The residency gave me an opportunity to practice and hone in on my skills that I had just begun to develop. I think I improved greatly given the time to practice and work. The residency also helped me figure out where I wanted to go with my art and has set me on the right path to further my artistic career.

Rachel Decicco

Studio Resident, Book Arts