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As part of WNYBAC’s educational mission, we strive to provide field trips that meet NYS standards and cross curricula to enrich each student’s learning experience.

The rapid growth of technology and digital media makes it essential that our future generations understand the place printed words and books have in our past, present & future. Printing and bookbinding are relevant to ELA, Social Studies, Science, Technology, and Math, as well as the Arts. If there is a specific aspect of your school or organization’s curriculum that you would like to focus on, please let us know and we will work with you to customize your experience.



Activity Options

All field trips include a historical tour of the museum and print shop, a discussion in the gallery, an explanation of our art shop of local handmade goods, and a choice of activities.

Letterpress Printing Students will learn the field-tripmontageforwnyabcwebsitebasics of typesetting and have the opportunity to print a keepsake quote, card, or text to incorporate into a future project.

Book Making Students will learn gain familiarity with basic bookbinding tools and learn methods of paper folding to create an origami or hand-stitched book. Methods may vary based on the age/level of the group.

Screen Printing Students will learn the basics of how silk screening is done, get an overview of the process in action, and have the opportunity to print a predetermined design on a shirt or poster.

Options and Pricing

School-aged groups  The cost for one activity is $10.00 per student; two activities are discounted to $12.00 per student. If Letterpress & Screen Printing are both chosen, the cost is $14 per student. Each activity lasts approximately 1 hour.

College groups  Many graphic design, typography, and printmaking classes choose to come into WNYBAC for custom workshops in typesetting, analog design, paper making, and bookbinding to enhance fine arts and design curricula. The cost for one basic activity (Letterpress, Screen Print or Bookmaking) is $12.00 per student; two activities are discounted to $15.00 per student. Price may vary based on activity and/or desired level of involvement.

There is a $100.00 minimum charge per workshop for any size group. For groups of thirty or more, two activities are required in order to accommodate the size of the group.

Activity Customization

Many groups choose to customize field trips. If there is a specific idea you would like to explore, skill you would like to learn, or material you would like to use, please contact the WNYBAC staff. Integrating specific topics into school curricula can be arranged. Whether it is printing book covers, portfolios or posters, creating marbled or decorative papers, silkscreening or paper making, WNYBAC is flexible and willing to meet the needs of your group.

On-Site Instruction

In some cases, WNYBAC can provide on-site instruction to your group at your school or location. Using our mobile printing unit, students will have the chance to learn the basics of letterpress printing and have the opportunity to operate a platen-style press. Rates for visiting instruction vary depending on the location, size of group, and time required.

If you are interested in scheduling any of these seminars or activities, please contact our Program Director at or call us at 348-1430.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders listed below, for providing support to WNYBAC's ongoing programs taking place throughout Western New York:

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