Get to know Artist Darya Warner

A conversation with Darya Warner

Born in Ukraine, Darya immigrated to the USA in 2001 to pursue a career as an artist. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2014 with a focus on Bioart and pursued her Masters at University at Buffalo in conjunction with Coalesce Biological Lab. Her recent projects involve the development of a MycoPrinter, an open-source low tech bioprinter that can print with biological materials such as fungi. This brings attention to sustainable art practices and notions of art as a biological medium. Darya is a co-founder and Director of Operations at CAYO Residency, an Art and Science residency based in the Bahamas focused on bridging biological research and artistic collaboration.  

Where do you gain your inspiration for your art?

Nature and patterns in Nature.

What draws you to printmaking over other art forms?

I started to experiment with nature’s own form of printmaking – spore prints and got fascinated by the process.

You describe your work as the “intersection of art & science” – what pulls you to these subjects?

A limitless source of inspiration and possibility to collide the impossible in the form of art supported by scientific exploration.

Do you connect your art with activism, and if so, how?

I think activism is a strong word I prefer not to use. I share my knowledge and inspiration with as many people as possible in order to bring attention to the fragile nature of our world, raise awareness and come up with more sustainable ways to pursue one’s creative endeavors.

Being that your show is opening in March during Women’s History Month, do you have any advice for other female artists?

My advice is not to give up no matter what and always believe that anything is possible. 

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