Member Month 2024: Meet the Members!

As we hype up our Annual Member Drive, we wanted to share the experience of our current members. Currently, there are 150+ Book Arts members, and they run the gamut: artists currently enrolled in school are able to get the Student membership, families who enjoy taking workshops together have opted for our Household membership, and those who enjoy Book Arts, but don’t live in Buffalo still have the option to be a member with our Out of Town membership!

Here at Book Arts, we have fostered a kind, open, and enthusiastic community! Learn a bit about the experience some of our current members have had:


Bill & Mona Huggins – Family Membership

He/Him, She/Her
WNY Book Arts Center has given us both the opportunity to show our art in an all-inclusive gallery space. Our favorite participation as Book Arts members has been in volunteering for several of the annual BookFest events in the last several years, which has been great fun in doing demos and assisting the many people who come from the community to try their own hand at block printing on various items such as paper and fabric.


Samantha Domagala/The Roaming Buffalo Art – Basic Membership

I started working with the Book Arts by asking current Member Nate Deganis-Librera about how he makes his own products. I’ve been curious to expand my illustrations to be featured on other mediums, so I took up a screen printing class back in March of 2024.
Since then, I’ve used the membership to occupy some of the screen printing room to make my very own tote bags. It’s allowed me to understand how steady, meticulous and insightful fabric and paint mix! I’ve also have been able to meet many faces of the center, all creative folks willing to lend a hand and tell me stories about their business.
I think the more use of the studio, taking time to learn about what makes each medium special, and getting to know the members will truly strengthen our artistic community here in Buffalo.

Koala Manne – Basic Membership

I am a working artist here in Buffalo, who oil paints, illustrates, and vends hand bound sketchbooks and screen-printed patches.

I found out about the Book Arts center through my book binding professor in college, Timothy Frerichs. When I moved to Buffalo, I quickly came to check it out and began volunteering to learn more and gain access to the studios and workshops. I had an artist residency in the spring of 2022 which gave me extensive experience with letter-pressing and screen printing. I was able to create about 120 hand printed and hand sewn zines, and around 100  3-color screen printed posters featuring 3 original stories with characters created by me. This project, which I called “Honey Chips,” gave me a huge opportunity to learn and progress my artistic abilities and career without the stress of cost of materials or having access to all the machinery I would need for the project.

Since my residency, I became a member and a regular user of the screen printing studio. In the studio, I screen print original designs onto canvas to create my unique patches. Having the membership allows me to have a great space with all the materials I would need, without needing to have a space of my own, and without having to buy a lot of the expensive tools I would need for the process. Another perk I appreciate from my membership is being able to vend my hand bound sketchbooks in the shop upstairs with a higher vending cut than if I was a nonmember.

In addition to supporting Book Arts’ mission of preserving the book arts through collaboration and innovation, being a member also includes the following benefits:

  • Saving on average $5-$20 off Book Arts Classes
  • Discounted (or free!) access to artist workshops & talks in our exhibition series
  • Access to our letterpress & screen print studios during Open Studio after completing pre-requisite classes
  • Access to our 1” or 2″ button maker (parts sold separately)
  • Saving 10% at the Book Arts Shop of handmade wares, gifts, and artist supplies (including a discount code for our web store!)
  • Higher artist consignment rate for items sold in our shop
  • An opportunity to exhibit and sell your work in the annual Members’ Show
  • An exclusive font electronic download designed in 1903
  • Book Arts library access privileges (books about making books, prints & more!)
  • Satisfaction in the knowledge that you have helped cultivate the book arts in WNY! ♥

Ready to join the fold?