An Exhibition by Heather Martin

on view November 5 – December 11, 2021/ Studio Gallery

multi-verse is a collection of poetry that experiments with different manipulations of the sheet(s) of paper, making the materiality of the poems more visible and tangible. Through these manipulations and through play with archival documents, the works propose new poetic geographies of familiar places.

The Book Arts Studio Residency invites emerging artists to experiment with various printmaking processes in our community studio for a two month period, culminating in an exhibition of their artworks.  Find out more about the residency program.

Heather Martin is a poet and teacher from Massachusetts with a background in immigration law and an interest in environmental studies. Currently a PhD student studying poetry and poetics at SUNY Buffalo, Heather’s work in ecopoetics asks questions about mapping and movement through space, particularly in relation to trauma or disaster.    


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