Possession | Julio Enrique Flores

On view March 8 – April 13, 2019

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 8 | 5-9pm


‘Possession’ will feature silk-screened prints and sculptures about possessions, possessing, and being possessed.

Photo credit: Heather Ault


Possession‘ is informed by research and creation in conjunction with the artist’s studies as a MFA Candidate at the University at Buffalo.

Julio Enrique Flores is a visual artist, art educator, and communications professional. For the past twenty-five years, he has played a creative leadership role at corporate, cultural, and educational institutions utilizing marketing communications, art education programming administration, and classroom instruction experience to maintain and grow diverse constituencies.​

Julio’s art practice includes kite and mask-making in the Puerto Rican tradition, as well as painting, drawing and other creative work. As an art educator, he has led hands-on workshops for thousands of students, and has exhibited artwork throughout the Midwest.

The artist will host an artist talk & family collage workshop at WNYBAC on Saturday, April 6th.

Check out the workshop’s page for more information!

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A conversation with Julio Enrique Flores

How did you first get started creating visual art?

In 1977, the year Star Wars exploded, I coveted my 2nd-grade classmate’s skill at drawing Darth Vader from memory, so he gave me a drawing. This stirred the competitive fearful perfectionist within me, which I continue to suffer. I still have that drawing.

You practice many different kinds of art, from silk-screening to sculpture. Do you have a favorite medium, and why is it your favorite?

Drawing is my favorite medium because it calms and gratifies me fairly quickly, especially in formal public settings where sitting attentively, and intellectual participation is expected.

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I find inspiration for my art in my observations and contemplation of the interpersonal foibles of human and animal persons.

How has your work as an art educator and communications professional informed your identity as an artist?

My professional and entrepreneurial experience as a commercial artist, and as an art educator and arts administrator continuously teaches me the value of shared reciprocity among the many villagers it takes to raise a mindful, productive village where our youth have equal power. I’m a visual artist whose students—all persons, actually—teach me how to teach them. I am listening.

You have a family and your artist talk is family friendly; do you create art with your kids and how do you usually work together?

My Son’s a mid-teen, so I’ve enjoyed experiencing a myriad of art-making ventures with him, and I’ve gained by learning with him as he has access to art beyond what I had when I was his age.

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