Bone Folder



A Bone folder is possible the most essential single tool for a paper artist or book artist. When using the bone folder, hold it in a loosely gripped fist with fingernails lightly resting on the table with the bone folder resting on your fingertips and your thumb on the opposite side of the bone folder. You apply a downward pressure with your thumb and your fingernails will drag along the table surface next to the edge of the paper. The tapered end of the bone folder should be applied to the edge of the paper, don’t dig into the paper, use the flat side to compress the fold. Folding bones help fold, crease, and score paper. They were always made from cow, deer, or elk bone. Today, most commercially available ones are made of plastic, Teflon, or wood. The best ones are still made of real bone.

Available in 4 inches or 6 inches

Made from cattle bone.

New- unused

All proceeds from this sale benefit our ongoing arts educational outreach programs.

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4 inch, 6 inch


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