John James Number 18 bookbinding needles- 6 pack


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John James #18 bookbinding needles.

“Quite simply the best, most perfect bookbinding needle I have ever used for medium sized books. I have bound thousands of books and tried many many types of needles, but these have the perfect balance of a strong shaft (that can be used in place of an awl with a firm grip), small head to avoid making a large hole in the paper and a large enough eye to allow threading without a needle threaded.
We looked for a long time until we found these for resale and the WNY Book Arts Center Shop to include in our bookbinding kits.”
-Richard Kegler, co-founder of WNY Book Arts Center

Included are 6 brand new stainless steel needles imported from England. These are made specifically for book binding and not to be confused with other #18 or other manufacturers needles

As described by manufacturer John James: Size 18 Bookbinders’ needles used for normal sized bindings where text weight papers and thread such as 25/3+ gauge is being used. The smaller the number the thicker the needle. The eye is polished to reduce wear on the sewing thread.

All proceeds of this sale go to benefit the programs of the Western New York Book Arts Center.

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