Remembrances: Maciuba, Amaya, & Fernandez

January 21 – February 19, 2011

This special 3 person show was curated from our annual members exhibition and features the work of printmaker Amanda Maciuba, Book Artist Sandra C Fernandez and illustrator Francisco Amaya. The works in this exhibition evoke a sense of memory, nostalgia, loss and redemption from 3 WNYBAC members whose work was chosen for excellence in craft and concept .

Amanda Maciuba
“I like to think the body of work Goodbye Neighbor, is an observation of the physical changes in demographics and architecture in my community. Possibly, these pieces explore the psychological changes in suburban ideology and mentality over time. However, in reality, they are just an accumulation of stories, personal experiences and events that shaped both me, and my community. 

My inspiration ranges from the ordinary of the everyday to the tragic events that can reveal to a community the invisible strings that tie everyone and everything together. From the childhood isolation of growing up in the rural fringes of Clarence, NY to the onslaught of identical houses in identical developments, growing up in the suburbs has given me the insight necessary to create a body of work that both critiques and simultaneously praises a lifestyle that is now the norm in Western New York.”

Amanda Maciuba was born and raised outside of Buffalo, New York and is a graduate of the University at Buffalo. She has a B.F.A. in Print Media. She has participated in many group exhibitions in the Buffalo area and around the U.S.

Sandra C. Fernández
“”I have come to believe that life weaves the continuous, meandering thread of its presence through all the happenings of our days and nights. Sometimes this thread moves in a confident all knowing assurance, while at other times its flow is hesitant, guarded, confused or fearful as to what its trajectory should be. And so often, so often its linear flow is sharply fractured by circumstance, convolutedly moving in all directions as it seeks a foothold, an anchor, a vision for its future”.

Sandra Fernández is an Ecuadorean-American artist born in 1964. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Art degree and a Master of Art at University of Wisconsin in Madison, she studied printmaking techniques at “Taller Tres en Raya” in Madrid, Spain. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has taught courses in Introductory and Advanced Photography, Non-Silver Processes, Artist’s Books and Book Design at Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University and State University of New York at Buffalo. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also the Director of the Guest Artists in Printmaking Program (GAPP) at the University of Texas at Austin.
Ms. Fernández has exhibited nationally and internationally with more than 16 solo shows and numerous collective.

Francisco Amaya
These works are illustrations from a book project entitled: Buffalo’s Vanished Architecture. It is a tribute to the empty space and memory that is left when a building is lost to demolition or fire.

The demolition of Buffalo’s War Memorial Auditorium was a historical moment and a visceral event that inspired this cataloging and research. The Aud, a building that was very much a public space in the past, was opened up to the public space for a final time– but in a violent and surgical way. The wreckage of the demolition was a beautiful mess that showed that “in-between” form–inside/outside, chaos/order, form and void. The image of the half demolished Aud also recalled images of ruined amphitheaters of the ancient world. The concrete and specific nature of architecture gives way to the obscure and jittery mental image of the rhythms of space and mass that inform a building. Capturing this obscure form was a goal in these illustrations.

The act of choosing which buildings to draw and how to derive them from old photographs is an ongoing research project that led to interest in the personages responsible for these rhythms of light and shade that were manifesting in the drawings. The architects and designers of Buffalo in the 19th and 20th century are an interesting group and I began to see the need to include them in the project visually. I chose to make relief prints of their portraits to accompany the building drawings.

Francisco Amaya was born in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1972. He received a BFA in Printmaking from West Virginia University and an MFA in Painting from the University at Buffalo. He has exhibited locally and nationally in group and solo shows. He is currently an instructor of Fine Art at Villa Maria College.

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