John James number 15 bookbinding needles- 4 pack


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John James #15 bookbinding needles.

“Quite simply the best, most perfect bookbinding needle I have ever used for medium sized books. I have bound thousands of books and tried many many types of needles, but these have the perfect balance of a strong shaft (that can be used in place of an awl with a firm grip), small head to avoid making a large hole in the paper and a large enough eye to allow threading without a needle threaded.
We looked for a long time until we found these for resale and the WNY Book Arts Center Shop to include in our bookbinding kits.”
-Richard Kegler, co-founder of WNY Book Arts Center

Included are 4 brand new stainless steel needles imported from England. These are made specifically for book binding and not to be confused with other #15 or other manufacturers needles

These are significantly larger needless than the #18 which are a great all purpose bookbinding needle (see our other ebay listings). The #15 is great for large books and can be used to make a home-made awl using a stopper backed cork.
All proceeds of this and other sales from this seller go to benefit the programs of the Western New York Book Arts Center.