SUNDAY, JUNE 11 • 11am–4pm
FREE to attend, ALL AGES


The WNY Book Arts Center and Just Buffalo Literary Center are thrilled to announce ZineFest 2023!

Sponsored by GutterPop & with support from Sugar Citizens, ZineFest will be held on all 3 floors of 468 Washington Street on Sunday, June 11th from 11am-4pm.


About the event: At ZineFest, local zinesters will gather to distribute, trade, & sell their creations! Come through to get lost in a photocopied sea of zines, to conspire with fellow zinemakers, and to peruse our pop-up zine library featuring local classics, including a hefty chunk of Sugar City’s beloved zine collection. 

About zines: Zines defy definition but here are some words you might see associated with them: handmade, self-published, DIY, underground, cheap, hyperlocal, radical, queer, feminist, photocopied, misspelled. Inside a zine you might find poems, comics, manifestos, recipes, collages, gardening advice, lyrics, & handy tips for your neighborhood activist. 

Check out the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) for some examples!

Interested in being a vendor? Deadline to sign up is June 1st. Full tables are $10 and half tables are $5. We ask that you include 75% printed material. Sign up is first come, first serve, 22 tables available. 

Email Robin Jordan if you have any questions: [email protected]